Naruto is a japanese series about a young boy who is training to be a ninja. Me and Micke started watching it because he had seen some students of his watching it in class, and we were curious. Ofcourse the students should have done other stuff… Anyways at first I thought it was all like a fun way to spend time and nothing more. The story was childish and the characters where just… funny. But after a while I started noticing that they have actually put some japanese wisdom in there. Here is some of it:

  • Everyone is strong in their own way. Even if they appear weak, they have their strength. Accepting people as they are helps you see their strength.
  • Don’t judge others by your own standards. Your goals are probably different from theirs.
  • Accepting yourself just as you are is vital. You have weak spots, and you need to be aware of them to see how you can actually turn them into strengths! If you walk around hating yourself you will only make yourself weaker.
  • Making mistakes is part of life. It is what you do after you made the mistake that matters. Don’t let them go wasted without learning from them!
  • There is no point in worrying about things you can’t control. This will only steal your energy and focus away.

The list is to be continued…

And here is the text for the song that was played in the end of the first episodes:

Cultivate your hunger before you idealize
Motivate your anger to make them realize
Climbing the mountain, never coming down?
Break into the contents, never falling down

My knee is still shaking like I was twelve
Sneaking out the classroom, by the back door
A man railed at me twice, but I didn’t care
Waiting is waisting, for people like me

Don’t try to live so wise
Don’t cry ’cause you’re so right
Don’t dry with fakes or fears
‘Cause you will hate yourself in the end

It all makes sence to me now. Does it make sence to you?