I was cleaning a toilet. I had just closed the little store and had a bunch of toilets to clean. Eva was supposedly cleaning the sauna, rooms and guest kitchen.

It was at this moment a young lad chose to approach me to ask when the store was open. I repeated the times like so many times before, and thought it was strange that he was not able to read them on the door to the store.
-Oh, I read those times! he explained.
-Oh? I said, now quite comfused about his question.
-Yes, I was just wondering, he continued, if you keep the store open at any other times than those…

Keep in mind that the store is open 8-10:30 and 14:30-19:30, wich I consider to be pretty generous. We only close to clean everything and eat lunch, and as most people are out doing their thing with their fishing and their snowmobile… whatever during the day, I really see no point in keeping the store open more than it allready is.

-We only keep the store open during the open times, I said barely keeping myself from laughing.
-Ok, I just thought you might be in the store at other times too, he muttered and wandered of.

I was pussled for days after that. Did he think we sat around in the store rolling our thumbs and keeping it closed all day? Or did he think we where so attached to the store that we did not want to close it unless we had to? The whole thing still makes me smile…