We made a choice a while back. We would stop watching TV. Actually, it was not so much of a choice but just something we realized we did. We just stopped, since we had no need for it anymore.

For a long while we watched whenever friends came over. There seemed to always be something they wanted to see on the thing. We didn’t put the TV away, because we use it for videogames and for watching films on DVD.

The result wasn’t even noticeable back then. We still knew what was going on on the different channels and you only need to watch TV for about half an hour to know what the commersials are that month.

Then they shut down the analog part of the network. Now you need some kind of box to watch TV. I know nothing about this technology, because I am more interested in my car, and that says a lot! (I don’t care about car technology, unless there is a nifty computer involved)

Now the difference between us and the people watching TV are noticeable. We have no idea, most of the time, what commersials are shown. And we don’t really know what series are being shown on TV and wich episode people around us has seen or not. Yes, we watch the series too. When we have time for such activities (one or two episodes a day, typically), and only the good ones.

But most noticeable is that in a conversation, I have to ask about what commersials are shown on TV. I don’t get jokes based upon them.

But I am happy. I still use about the same amount of time to sit at my computer reading unnessecery stuff or playing videogames or computergames or watching something on the computer or listening to last.fm or reading dn.se or blogs about current events… But I am spared from watching commersial after commersial that I don’t even want to be seeing.

Sure there are banners, but they are so much easier ignored (or blocked).

My confusion is about this; why do people continue to let their TV control their lifes? I can’t understand how you could arrange your life so you have time to watch right at the moment your favourite show starts, and then all the way to the end of it. I used to but oh, how quickly one forgets!

So come on! Demand your house to be free of the TV. Public service is still a good thing, when it works, but you can watch it on their web page when it suits YOU instead of having them control you (if you can read this, you must have a computer, hehe). Control of your life is not public service, is it?