I was sad to learn that we will not be having our usual riding instructor this term. I really really liked her. But the one we will be having is Rosy. I had her once and remember I thought she was good too.

I got to ride Talar, and Yamina had ridden her the lesson before, so he was all done when I got him. He is going to be a really nice horse some day. If he can just stop to do his little tricks. He acted like he was afraid of the airconditioning. I didn’t believe him. Sometimes he kind of wandered off too. I didn’t let him… mostly…

It was the old sideways movements again. I don’t remember; there is more to riding than jumping and moving sideways, yes? There is also other hard stuff, right?

Anyways, Rosy told me the last thing I needed to perfect everything about them… in theory at least; shoulder back. Ingela and Mimmi has told me other useful things (about my feet and hip), and with this last thing, everything just worked. =D

Perhaps I need 3 instructors, actually…

No, but I realized something. Andreas (sisters boyfriend) told me a lot of things about skiing in Björnrike. We had exercizes concerning feet, hands and shoulders. Funny. Who needs to think about shoulders when skiing? The skis are all the way down there, what does shoulders matter? A lot, apparently.

Same thing with riding. Should have figured. My shoulders are a lot closer to the horse than to my skis!

Anyways, I am happy with how the lesson turned out. I think this term can really be a good one. And we finnish late, so it is all calm and quiet in the stable, and there is lots of time to tend to the horse and hang around chatting. Me like.