Laundry has to be done, because I can’t find anything unless I get my clothes washed.

I need to put the clothes I find in the right place. Some in the bag, some in the closet… Not always easy to know wich goes where.

We need to dig the car out. Let’s hope the temperature rises before friday… tomorrow preferably. Sofie needs it! =)

I need to get finnished with the scarf I’m making and try to do a hat as well… I’ts a secret why! *<=)

I need to figure out wich numbers or whatever needs to be brought with me so that I can board airplanes and trains and whatnot…

I need to get some serious q-time in the stable, or I’ll miss all the horses terribly. Will do anyway, probably…

Gah! I’m not sure I can do all this. I wish work was as hectic…

The christmas show at the stable is done, anyway, and all went well. Even though it was a lot more work than I thought it would be. One less thing to worry about!

Oh, and since I have my period now, this will be the first year in ages that I don’t need to be worrying about THAT on christmas eve. Yay! =D

I’m off to the washing machine. And yes, I know what time it is… And yes, I’ll be very tired tomorrow.