Alternative title:
Woman whining

I had nightmares all night long. It was about lack of time to find my passport. I won’t even need my passport on my trip, but I have some panic about if the time before christmas will be enough. Will I have time to pack my bags? Will the visit at my fathers feel all stressed and insufficient?

And also, I have no money, everyone wants my money and it’s christmas… PANIC!

Yesterday I was all angry at Micke for no reasons… Or all reasons… Depends on how you see it. Neither of us understood why…

So today, I got the answer. The beloved PMS has come again! So now I understand. But this did not become clear untill I had spent the whole day in a state of sadness. Not understanding why. Feeling scared, alone and miserable in all sorts of ways.

I need to start counting my days so I will know these things…. HA! Like that would work. I would be just as confused.

It’s the evil cures of being female… every month.