Today has been eventful! And my mood has been enjoying some kind of rollercoaster. Because apparently it is THAT time of the month again. Ofcourse Micke knew all about what time of month it was for me, while I was totally oblivious. I have a feeling all of this has happened before and will happen again… Every month, actually.

Anyways, we fixed the water today. And removed the snow from the yard. Or rather, I was having coffee and Micke and his father made improvements of the yard and house. Aren’t I the lucky one to have such a wonderful boyfriend? =)

I could not get a hold on anyone at the stable. So I guess I messed up there. I was determined to get that new beginners lesson for Henka, Sofie and Jomi this sunday (tomorrow). But all of the universe seemed to be against me on the matter and I failed utterly and totally. Bwa.

Then I had some panic and some other negative emotions about my failure to be a good friend to my very good friends… Micke managed to pick me up and we watched some (more) Star Trek Voyager. I find Seven (of Nine) funny. =)

Why is it that the funniest ones on Star Trek is the ones that is supposed to lack emotions or be extremely logical? Vulcans are extremely funny at times!

I did do something useful today too. I destroyed potatoes to make unintentional mashed potatoes (works with sill (those fish thingies), but is not optimal for the occasion), ran the dishwasher and actually opened up my webgame and made alterations! Maybe I WILL get that thing finnished some day?

I also thought about moving my website. Does anyone know anything about They sure seem cheap, but cheap things are often… cheap. They also can not tolerate me having them host my site while loopia gives me my domain name. What is THAT about? I just payed for, so I would not like to pay again. Not that is any huge sums of money. It’s just principle…

I’m going to put my hormonial self somewhere soft now. If my book about a certain dark elf didn’t go from fight to fight to killing to adventure without any kind of emotions described, I would read it. But I am booored! When does the good stuff come up??? The first book was so much better!