It felt like the sun was always up. And then all of a sudden we all realized that the sun is now absent for a majority of the time.

This probably happened gradually, but the only time I noticed anything was when the nights started to be dark.

I can sence it in me and my friends. We are not as cheerful as we used to be. Sara has her reasons, but I don’t. And I feel that some of the problems that we do have are being exaggerated. We just can’t handle them.

I’ve been easy to bring out of balance lately. Me and bubbish had cosiness with glögg and candles the other day. That really helped. I urge everyone else to do something like that!

I’m going to try to look a bit brighter on things from now on. Every problem is not a problem, but an opportunity to find solutions! When sunshine is nowhere to be found, make some yourself! =)