When I heard you could order your digital copy of In Rainbows and decide the price yourself, I had to check it out.

And sure enough, you could! As I am no big fan of Radiohead and didn’t remember what they sound like, I set my price to 0. Zero. I felt a little bad about it, but I don’t pay for something I have no idea of what to expect from. That has been true for other music lately, and I thought “Well, at least I’m honest about it”.

I’m listening to the album right now, and I kind of like it. I’m not jumping up and down, but then… I hardly do that anymore. How sad.

I would probably be willing to pay 100SEK for the album in the store. To get… you know, the little folder and the plastic and everything.

But what is it worth without that? I haven’t decided yet. Perhaps I should just give them a dollar as a thankyou for getting the world one step closer to sanity.

What do you think? Go here and get it!