I just read the headlines over at DN Vetenskap. And it seems that there’s an obsession about health in relation to weight and food.

I think it’s because people don’t know what to do anymore. There’s too many temptations in a regular store, and by that I don’t mean they shouldn’t be there. It’s just that when you look at all the food that is sold, MOST of it has weird substances that a normal person doesn’t know anything about. And that’s in stuff that I think should be sold just like it is. And it’s like impossible to find bread without sugar in it. My point is, the manufacturers don’t care about our health. At all. They care about taste and about if we buy their stuff.

And we tend to do that if the prize is really really low, or there’s a keyhole on the package (marks less unhealthy food in sweden). But that’s not tempting. That’s just cutting back. What is close to the register? Right about when you get that “Now I should figure out if I forgot to buy something!”-thought. Well… candy.

Because the manager of the store knows how we all work. And if there’s two brands of something, and one tastes better. You buy that one. But did you ever stop to think why it tastes better? The easiest way (or cheapest, I don’t know why they do it) is to add chemicals. If you turn the package over and read, you’ll be surprised!

I mean, what is substances that doesn’t have any other name than E-something doing in my vegetables? Preservation? They´re frozen! And what about the chicken? What about the crackers? What about the bread, for crying out loud!

Because they apparently taste good. It wouldn’t surprise me if they where addictive. It makes us buy the product.

And then you go home and wonder where all the extra kilos came from. Could it be all the sugar and chemicals that just weren’t in the food you ate a long time ago? Could it be because the manufacturer changed our habits and our diets without telling us?

Immoral, you say? They have no obligation to keep you healthy. Remember that.

Or maybe it really IS a virus or your genes.