Yesterday was exhausting. Off to vuollerim Sara and I went. And there we met up with Jennifer and went riding again. They have such beautiful surroundings. At one point I allmost wanted to cry… I think my period is on the way. But it was just so beautiful!

We had the same horses as last time; I had Sweeney and Sara had Fabiola. Thay really suit us. Sweeney is biiig and wonderful. He tries to do stuff all the time. Like pretending to get scared of stuff and running to fast. So I have to tell him no. I think that’s fun. And Fabbi is one of these: Fjording in swedish.

They are just perfectly suited for Sara. Right size, right temper.

Anyways, I had abaout an hour of horsebackriding in mind. But Sara got that look about her… I knew she wanted more. I wasn’t sure my body was up for it, but my body usually does what is asked of it and THEN complains, so I went along with it. And I am happy! We got to see alot of the wonerful nature around Vuollerim, and we had wonderful gallopps. And we even got to get our horses wet! We got down to the water and got our horses to get in (only getting their legs wet but that was fun enough!). Sweeney started to splash the water around with his hoof. Jennifer said it was because he thought it was fun. But I couldn’t help but fel that his next step was to lie down… That was NOT going to happen, so I stopped him. =)

I was tired the rest of the day. Didn’t have energy to do anything. But I can highly recommend it!