It was such a nice day yesterday that I decided to spend some time outside. But I wanted to do some programming too!

Easy enough! Just take your laptop outside and sit in the mosquito-tent! It provided both shelter from evil bugs and some shade (so I could see what I was doing). It was way to hot, though. =)

But I got a lot of stuff done yesterday. Including an ingame mailing-function and the ability for players to add other players to their friends-list. I haven’t made a “remove this friend” thingy yet. =)

And I did some other stuff too. But untill it’s time to put it on the internets, you will just have to be curious or ask me in person!

It’s not TOP secret, but I don’t want it all over (or on it at all) the internet… yet. =)

But I CAN tell you that it’s going to be a fun game, and my plan is to “only” make it playable, then unleash it and let the users have a BIG influence on how it will develop further. Because an online game is nothing without it’s players…