Henka has a birthday and has decided to have a party. Here. =) Or was it Sofie who was the deciding part? She is allways trying to figure out new ways to spend time with all of us. I apreciate it!

I mean, she is really not any kind of computer-geek, but she decided we ought to have ha small LAN… So we did. And it was nice.

So; party in Skabram tomorrow. That’s about all I know about it. And that Sofie has made some french cake… Sounds advanced! =)

The game is getting more done every day now. Even though it seems I only get one function a day done, that’s still progress. Programming is slower than you think, people!

But I feel I have got the hang of things now. I know how to handle the database and most of the css is done, so I don’t struggle with that anymore… And php I knew from before (and if you want to count the html, that REALLY isn’t a problem. I’ve known that since forever, it feels like).

I’m still amazed at the number of languages I need for this thing. Would you count SQL as a language? Then I need 4. And I will probably put in some java at some point in the future. But I’m not building that in untill everything else is done. That feels like eyecandy, and I’m really not into that. I want to build logic! =)

I’m off to bed now. Will just check on my poor village on the speedserver of travian. It’s under attack tonight…