Yesterday Jomi called to see if we wanted to go with him and Sara to Muddus and walk for a bit and then grill some meat. We thought that sounded very nice. We hardly ever get out in the forrest (together).

So we did. Jomi and Sara provided us with food since Micke had a birthday the day before. Nice!

It didn’t feel like we walked that long. We talked and looked at all the beautifulness… Then we had our little barbecue with dried reindeer meat. Me and Micke thought it would be strange to grill dried meat, but it was actually awesome!

The view where we had our barbecue was very beautiful too. There was a small lake and when we ate it was like a mirror.

Then we went back. We looked some more on the big waterfall and then headed for the car.

If the car would have been further away, it would have been to far away for me to reach it. But it stood nicely waiting for us right when I thought my feet would kill me if I took another step. My shoes aren’t very good for walking long distances, aparently. I might have been better of with gymshoes… But then I would have gotten wet…

Anyway, I’m very happy we went. It was such a nice outing. And my feet are pretty good today. And if I’m not immune to mosquito venom (that stuff they inject us with to get our blood better for them) by now, I don’t know if I ever will be!

Pictures are to come!