Regeringen har idag lagt fram ett lagförslag som innebär att polisen kommer att lämna över fildelarjakten till privata intresseorganisationer inom skiv- och filmbranschen. Dessa organisationer kommer att ha mer långtgående befogenheter än det svenska rättsväsendet.

Källa Piratpartiet (min fetstil).

My translation:

The swedish government has put forth a bill to make the police hand over the hunt of filesharers to private special interest organisations within the music- and filmindustry. These organisations will have far more authority than the swedish judicial system.

Source: the swedish Pirate Party (I put bold on those words…).

This is so far out that I think these quotes should speak for themselves. Everyone that reads them should realize how stupid this would be. I really hope this will not happen.

I wonder wich source PP use for this, but assuming it is true, this would be giving private organisations authority to act like a maffia. They can spy on everyone, and they don’t even need to. They can just make up accusations and threat to sue everybody unless they pay a sum of money they say will be less than what they will sue for. What are people going to do? They will have to pay.

So these organisations will be filthy rich, I assume.

Also, this would be like giving Cartman (from South Park) authoritaaahhh… 😉

But hey. If all illegal filesharing where to go away, all the artists that truly give away their stuff (music and films) will probably thrive, since there will be no alternative when you want free culture.

Yes I know. THAT will never happen. We will probably be living in a police state before then, and they will probably find a way to stop legal filesharing too. But wouldn’t it be nice?