Was I crazy yesterday when I wrote that list? I sertainly know I was tired. I still want to figure out how to write a perfectly normal css-thing without errors when I validate it where the design looks good in IE too.

The problem is this: I do NOT want to resize the TLA-thing. I’m not sure I am allowed to anyways. And I DON’T want it to go walkabout and ending up BELOW everything!

Should that be so hard? I should really like it if I could just simply write something that meant “You see that top-right corner of the #leftside box? Now put your top-left corner of #TLA and put it in the same spot. Nice, huh?” to the browser.

And then go on to put corners next to each other until my page looked good. Or is that too specific? Even if I allow the boxes to resize?

I REALLY don’t like this “ignore the box if it is in the margin”-business. Seems like explorer actually is the one getting it right in that aspect… *expects getting flamed for saying something positive aboit IE*