It bothered me that I had used ‘id’ on so many locations on my site where I should have used ‘class’. I decided to fix it.

It should be pretty simple, right?

After me changing all the ‘#shouldbeclassname’ to ‘.shouldbeclassname’ and all ‘id=”shouldbeclassname”‘ to ‘class=”shouldbeclassname”‘, everything worked the same. With one exception. The link colours was all wrong! They are supposed to be in a variety of happy colours…

Now my head is telling me to stop messing with it. I’m too tired again. There is probably a really obvious reason for all this. Only I can’t see it right now.

So now you know why all the links on my site looks weird (ok, not that weird. They’re just all the same color)… I’ve been fiddeling with it. =P

EDIT: Apparently a surrounding div with an ‘id’ overrides a div with a ‘class’ when it comes to link colours… Hummm… Well I fixed it, anyways.