Nor is the image-uploading-thing here on blogspot. I’m starting to think that the problem is our connection. It’s not a great one, but most days it works fine for us. Why do you need to get big files all at ones anyway? If it’s worth waiting for, you will. Otherwise, why bother?

Anyway, the trouble with blogger/blogspot is that my pictures wont get up there! It just tells me it’s uploading FOREVER! And finally it says it timed out. No shit… Well I WILL get them up there some day.… I used to be able to upload my songs via ftp. No hassel with browser uploads. I thought it was great. But they seem to have removed that service now. Allthoug filezilla still lets me log in and upload songs to them. Where do the songs go? Smeg knows.

And even when I upload in the browser, it doesn’t seem to be working right. I decided I had enough free downloads over there. So I wanted “did you forget” to be streamable, but to download, can the people please follow the link, generate some traffic to my site and get it for free over THERE instead? didn’t want to obey. It saved my preferences, and then it changed them. Why would I not allow streaming of the whole song but allow download?

Anyway, I can live with these small problems. But when I stream radio, it won’t show me what is playing and if it’s scrobbled. Gah! What’s up?

The silver lining is I don’t skip (the skip button doesn’t work, so I have to stop and play) songs because I don’t like the image of the artist anymore. So creapy-looking artists get a chance too for a while… =)