I’ve lived in northern Sweden for over a year now. And I feel it’s my home. It’s strange. When I was younger I couldn’t imagine living this far to the north of Sweden. And I didn’t understand why people that lived up here didn’t simply move south.

I didn’t appreciate the long winter. That has to be said. And I feel kind of panicy when I think about how short this summer will probably be.

But that homy feeling… It can’t be denied. I love the mentality here. I love how small Jokkmokk is. And I love how much is happening here.

Living in Hölö (south of Stockholm), i felt that nothing ever happened. If you wanted to do something, you HAD to go to atleast Södertälje. And since it was so close to Sthlm, nothing seemed to happen there either. And the things that happened in Sthlm was hard to get to, ’cause since Södertälje is so small, there needn’t be trains running late to it. Not to mention how you where going to get home to microscopic Hölö from Södertälje…

Anyway. I was thinking about the colors. It seems that all the colors are stronger here. I can’t figure out why, but when I look at pictures, blue is REALLY blue. Green is REALLY green… And they are my two favourite colors. Can you see how I feel at home here?

And I sure don’t miss Stockholm. I never did like the mentality there. I think it’s reflected in the election results. It’s very blue… (conservative). I never did fit in there.

So I guess I want to thank the people I know here that has made me feel so at home! And some of the people I don’t know too… So, thanks!