Hope noone sees this as plagiarism, but the purest form of flattery. I admire @back_to_earth_creations so much and not just for her out of this world jewelry making skills but also how she handles herself and her audience. Also her fashion sense. Just such a beautiful soul inside and out and I have learnt like almost everything I know about wire wrapping from her. So this piece that she shared blew me away, and I knew I don't even have the tools to copy it completely. But it had so many elements that I loved! So this is me learning by copying, and I want to be totally honest about that. Anyway I still am ridiculously proud of how well I did! Look how pretty! ️ #wirewrap #autumnleaf #cooper #cabuchon #egnasmycken #viddehållerpåigen #pendant #learningprocess #learningbycopying #learningbyimitating