I wonder if it is because of what time of month it is? I have recently discovered that my self esteem seem to vary with the phases of the moon or something. Right now it’s pretty high.

Anyways, my feelings aren’t less real even if they are helped in their existence by my hormones.

I feel that guys just annoy me right now. They just take my heart and then they break it. I have no desire of letting that happen again. Even though the first part, when they steal my heart, is so wonderful.

I don’t feel broken. Just angry. I am worth more than pain.

So right now, I just say screw it all. To hell with it. I am not made to look around. I get hung up on the way, and that doesn’t work for me at all. I want it to be mutual, dammit!

Work is good, so I will concentrate my energy on that.

(unless a certain someone calls me up and tells me he wants me, only me and noone on the side… wishing for the impossible…)