Big stuff is happening. Too much, actually. I don’t even know where to start, so I just handle one thing at the time.

Micke and I broke up. No point in trying to tell the world why. It was complicated, and it just wasn’t right anymore.

So now I need a plan. I feel somewhat lost. Good thing I just ordered a mobile phone with GPS! =) And a better camera. I need a good camera in my phone. Well, I don’t need it, but I sure miss it when I don’t have it!

The immediate plan is to keep working in Ritsem untill the middle of september. Then I will probably move in with my father in Västerås and try to get a job. I am trying to get information from Mälardalens Högskola, because I would like to get some education finnished that can get me a job! I would like to work with computers in some way, so that is the plan…

I just applied for a job in Västerås too. I hope I can be what they are looking for. I think that would be perfection for the time being. School will probably not happen untill some time next year.

But what about the cats??? I can see that Benjamin is really happy here. He even gained some weight and he is eating whatever food I give him. Zelda still is not too happy with him, but it seems they have accepted eachother and I think they even have some fun together sometimes.

But what will happen to them now? I will leave, and what is Micke going to do? Noone knows, not even him. He says it’s not much of a point staying if I’m not here, so where will our kitties live? If worst comes to worst, I guess I can bring them with me. But I don’t think they will be too happy about that. Even though I would not like to be separated from Benjamin at least. He is my sisters cat, and I feel to much responsibility for him just to leave him somewhere with someone he doesn’t know…

It’s hard, all this! And I am going to be separated from my good friend Sara and Henka and Sofie… I don’t like that. At least with my new phone-deal, I will be talking for free to mobile phones with halebop and telia. So I can have long conversations with them without having to tell them to hang up since I don’t want to pay the bills… But it’s a small comfort.

But when I say I will come and visit, I really mean it! Airplane tickets are not that expensive nowadays (cheaper than the train in my experience), and if someone come and get me in Luleå, no problems. We will work that out, ok?

Now I have to write a list of food to eat in Ritsem and go pack. Then I have to buy the food too. I will be back in 12 days. Bleh. I want to be here and drink tea with my friends…

Untill next time: *hugs*