I still really really want the game. Allthough I must say that the initial excitement has calmed quite a bit. It’s down to “want” from “have to”… And then there is this whole thing about Securom and needing an internet connection to be able to play. And the rumors that you will only be allowed three installs, and that you can use them up if you upgrade hardware and/or have a system crash etc.

Then there is the whole issue with “if you are a paying costumer, we will treat you like a criminal, but if you are a pirate, we will ignore you since you are probably making commercial for our product”… At least that is the way I percieve things. You only hear about crappy DRM being put on discs that are being sold, but you never hear about the same company searching and punishing people downloading cracked versions of the same product.

Maybe that is because I live under a rock, as my mother call it. I don’t have TV in my home, so I have no idea about what commercials/shows are shown on there. But I do keep in touch with reality. I am not sure people with TV do.

Anyways. Everything about Securom screams to me not to buy any product with it on, but every fiber in my being tells me pirating Spore would be so horrible too. Since it is a really innovative game and I want more of that kind to be produced.

So here I stand. No idea what to do when the release date comes. One plan is to check forums and see if people are enjoying the game or dealing with securom and used up activations… But it doesn’t feel like a good plan.

Anyone have a good idea for a plan for me???