I’m planning a trip to my parents during the summer. I want to see everybody, and I miss the climate. The nature is quite different here. In my eyes there are a lot of things missing and not so many things we don’t have down south.

I’m not being negative, it is just that everybody seems to love the way the nature is where they grew up. Me too. And this freaking sun is driving me crazy! All of a sudden it goes up REALLY early! I wake up at 4am and have trouble sleeping since it is pretty much daylight.

This kind of happens in the other end of the country too, but it takes longer. You have time to get used to it. Here the sun is going in crazy cirkles and I get so confused (a-cat)!

Anyways, seems like I will be going around 24-25:th of may and coming back for midsummer. I will be in Västerås untill like June 4:th and then in Hölö the rest of the time.

INVITATION: You want to see me when I am near you? You want to come here on midsummer? Just send me a message somehow. Call me, comment here on the blog, send an email… We’ll fix it!

Manne and Moha, this time you won’t get away! =)