It drives me crazy! There is so many people out there that thinks of things in either black or white. Either it is one way, and if it isn’t, it must be the other way!

I’ll tell you something you don’t seem to know; things can very well exist in the middle. Someone can be half good at something, someone can be fairly nice and a child can be interested in BOTH technical stuff and pink princess thingies with glitter on top!!! And it matters more what kind of person it is than what sex it was born with.

Personally I am sick and tired of being treated after what happens to be between my legs. That should be nobodys busines, and if you can’t see past you stupid prejudices, then that should be your problem. Not mine.

And getting your ability to do something after the first question you ask must be just as tiresome. There is actually people out there that knows a lot, but doesn’t know the thing you learned first in that area.

Just take a long hard look at yourself. Did you learn everything at once in every field you got into? Are you always nice or always evil? Do you like your whole house to be pink or to be blue? Didn’t think so.