This made me happy:

NOTE: I am recovering all of this from a very brief and unclear memory. I’d guess that 20% of what I’m sputtering is at least slightly incorrect… but I know a lot of basics that weren’t clear before.

In addition, if you were wondering, my creature looked a bit like its crude counterpart below:

OH, and I never mentioned how FREAKING INCREDIBLE the procedural generation is. My creature dancing was like, the highlight of my whole Macworld. It kicked each pair of its legs outwards at different times and its tail spun around. The action is very dependent on the spine shape: ie, the mouth was on the spine, so it moved itself around. The babies are awesome. Walking… oh my god. My creature walked SO many different ways. When I told it to go to a spot behind itself, it began to walk sideways with two legs off the ground until it was facing the right direction. It knew the path of least resistance for every freaking action! The sumo was crazy too, it stomped its three legs on the side down, then the other three while scowling. The back leg kicked out when this happened. Sooo cool.

I was kind of thinking the other day, that the movements in the old Spore-videos wasn’t that good at all times. Legs would move like the code for moving was expecting only 2 legs and got upset that there were more of them. But above statement sure sounds good! =)