What a surprise!

According to this story (thanks, Mind) Bush says Iran is provocing USA. In a motorboat. Against a warship or something. Very likely. The video is ridicoulus. I could have done that too. I have Windows Movie Maker. That is all needed to fake something in that manner; not very good.

But wait a minute. Everyone can see that is a fake. Does it really matter? A big portion of the people (on earth) will think it’s real because USA says it is. The ones that don’t, no matter how well credited they are, will be dismissed as fanatic conspiracy theoretics.

Meanwhile what really is happening is Iran feels provoced by this accusation. It will either not be long before they respond, or USA will find more ways of provocation. Or maybe blurry satellite images of weapon factorys…

Then all hell will break loose down there. The ball is in motion. There is no way to stop it.

But USA should be more careful. One of these days they are going to piss of the wrong country, and it will be their doom. All of this has happened before, and will happen again.