After a long trip around selected parts of Sweden, I’m back home! I really missed Jokkmokk, and it’s so wonderful to be here again.

All the plants look sad, because noone gave them any water while I was gone… =P But the ones that died didn’t survive. =) That way, the ones that did survive will probably be the strong ones. The only sad part was the avocado and the thyme. The avocado missed me so much that it lost all it’s leaves. The stem is still green, so I gave it water, but who knows if that will help…

Anyways, after spending time with my father on his birthday, it was time for christmas with my mom and all the relatives in and around Hölö. I knitted a scarf and a hat for my little cousins Lovisa and Mattias. Mattias got the scarf, but it was Lovisa that went all happy when she opened her present. Miracolusly (I can’t spell that word) the hat fit perfectly, and she wore it to the early Christmas-morning service the next day.

Oh yes. We went there. I usually don’t, since it’s too early for me, but this year we decided that it would be a good idea to go. And it was. I don’t believe in all that, but to sit in a church filled with people and hear the priest talk about the old fairytale about Maria was really nice. Plus I got to see our nice church again. I had almost forgot how nice it is. It’s really big and full of historic things. Keeping in mind that Hölö is much smaller than Järna and Jokkmokk, it is kind of strange that Hölö’s church is bigger…

After all the christmas stuff was done (we allways have a dinner at my grandmother’s place on christmas day or the day after that. This year it was the day after that. (Boxing day? Who’s boxing?)) me, my sister, her boyfriend, my mother and her boyfriend went to Björnrike to go skiing. I’ve been snowboarding for the last 12 years or so, so putting on a pair of skis and hurling myself downhill was a real adventure. But I soon got the hang of it, and Andreas (sister’s boyfriend) gave me some pointers. By the end of the five days we where skiing I think I did rather good. =)

We also celebrated new years up (down?) there, but I was just missing my Mind

Yesterday I got home at last. The way home was strange. From Björnrike to Mora by car, from Mora to Arlanda by train, from Arlanda to Luleå by airplane (the pilot called it an earplane) and then by car with my wonderful back home. We stopped at his parents to eat some turkey on the way. Delicious!

I’m off to the shower now. And then I have some work to do… =P