So far the things I’ve put in my mouth today include

  • mysterious thai medicine (noone knows what it contains, but it makes sickness go bye bye)
  • caffein pill (I cannot find any coffee here!)
  • green tea
  • gingerbread cookie

The cookie was very small too. I am at my moms place and decided to take a soft day in bed. I am writing this in bed and will figure out some way to post it later. But isn’t it weird that such a big shre of what I’ve eaten has medical effects?

My biggest concern right now is that I managed to end my stay at my father’s in the absolute perfect way… not!

It started the day before yesterday. We had been shopping and I was driving. Dad and Tiap went out to open the garage door for me. I had put the car in a weird angle, so I told dad that I had to back up. “Ok”, he thought, put down the bag of food he was holding and went to open the garage. Disaster struck as I turned the wheel to correct my aquard position. Dad did not take the wheel turning into calculation… So I squished some chokolate and half of the snusdosor dad had bought.

It was eventually ok. Chokolate is tasty even when flat, and the snus (look this up, because I never heard anyone talking about this in english) was salvagable.

But then I also managed to break the coffee-thing that the coffee end up in when you are making it. It just flew down virtually on its on when I took the pot to cook potatoes in from the dish drying thing.

And after dinner, I managed to turn a lamp on in a way that apparently made it fall and break. The rest of the evening I wandered around feeling like an elephant in a porcelain store. So I walked slowly, keeping my arms straight down. I felt like at any time, something around me could fall.

Dad and Tiap was really nice about it all, wich made me feel horrible. I was breaking nice peoples stuff! And they forgave me because they love me…

Since I am having a bad cold, my mood swings are worse than some actress pregnant with a busdriver that ran off with a cirkus… or something. It’s hard to handle, anyway.

Anyway, yesterday was the tale of three cities. I drove dad and Tiap to Arlanda, then I drove all my bags to Hölö, then back to Västerås. I slept for a while and ate a burger from Burger King. Then I took myself by train back to Södertälje where I was picked up by mom and got to Hölö about half past midnight.

When I left dad’s apartment for the last time I was supposed to put the key in the mailbox so that Nok could get it today. But I screwed even that up. I put the key in, but it must have dropped down in the gap between the front and the box, and now I’ve had to talk to half the post office explaining what happened. Ofcourse it is impossible to talk to the mailcarriers, because they are always running about with letters… =P

Hopefully it will be ok, nothing I can do about it anyway, because I am over here…

Now I will eat some flat chokolate and watch gilmore girls a while longer. Then I ill try to get a shower (apparently the water pressure here sucks… and that is bad!). Then… well we’ll see!