It just hit me. I like to read what opponents to my opinions have to say. That way I can understand them, and get a deeper understanding of the entire problem.

But the drawback is obviously that when a less knowing person asks me about the whole thing, I don’t know where to start. So much information, how could I possibly tell this person what he/she needs to know?

A less knowing person has the answer all ready. The propaganda from only one side of the problem is close to the surface in this persons mind.

The impression the all unknowing person gets is that I have no idea of the matter, while this narrowminded person that talks away (only repeating the propaganda on his/her party’s website) really knows what he/she is talking about….

In some ways I hope there is many people out there sharing my problem. Because I would prefer that there was a lot of people that was able to look at both sides of a problem and then make their mind up. That would be better than people simply believing in whoever gave them propaganda first.

But better yet would ofcourse be that I’m the only one that is having a problem propagating when too much information lives in my head. Maybe other people find it easier to sort the information into what is interesting to people new to the subject and what is not. And what is interesting, but you don’t start with it, because you need to wake a persons interest before they are receptable to it.

My point is; to get a deeper understanding of an issue is always good. And if you are able to spread this deeper understanding, that would be the best. But people in general are not that interested. They just want to know wich side is right, and you get a limited time to convince them that you are the one they should believe in.

There is a reason why propaganda is being repeated again and again. It’s because it works. It is not just some sentences thrown out there without much thought. Someone really thought long and hard about them, and they almost always seem undeniable. (Most often they are not)

While reading all sides of opinions of an issue, I tend to forget my propaganda, or see why it is not undeniable to the people with a firm belief in the opposite… They might be wrong, but the logic is undeniable in their heads.

Anyway, this driveling was my 994:th blogpost. My goal is to have 1000 before 2008. Do you think I’ll make it? =)