Svenskspråkiga kan läsa vad det handlar om här!
Every thursday I go to the stable and get educated in the fine art of riding a horse. It really is a fine art, but starting it is not something difficoult! You just need to make an appointment at your local stable, wear good shoes (good = has a heel that is about a centimeter high, so you don’t get stuck anywhere. Other than that, if they are comfy, they are good.) and a pair of old jeans or something. If you have a horse loving friend, chances are you can borrow a pair of riding trousers. Then just go with it! At JRK you get to borrow a helmet, so no worries there. It’s not an exclusive sport. It’s usually cheaper or about the same price as a gym. So why the hell can’t we get the same rights as any other athletes?

If an employer wants to give the employees money to go get some exercise, the employee can use this money for any sport. Except for the exclusive ones like sailing, golf, slalom and horsebackriding!

Wait just a moment. Why is a sport like hockey not exclusive? You need a whole gear to practice that, and you need to pay to get a nice smooth ice arena to play on. That can’t be cheap!

What is so exclusive about going downhill with your second hand skis? What is so exclusive about getting on top of a horse once in a while? Anyone can do it!

The funny thing is, that I practice two sports, and two sports only. I go down a hill on my snowboard, and I ride horses. I can tell you this; it doesn’t need to be any more expensive than anything else. You don’t need the latest and most expensive gear to do it. Gah. It is so stupid a rule. And it is based on an opinion that was made 20 years ago. Now I believe that the rules is not easily changed since the ones deciding is the ones trying to get all of our money. And no need to change it since it is only a couple (500 000) of girls that would be affected. Try something like this on a sport that is mostly practiced by boys, and there would be an upproar!

Guess what? There is an upproar! These rules are ridiculus, and needs to be changed. Show your support here!