I found this on DN’s front page on the internets.

I just makes me woner about people. Why do everyone care so much about appearance? I’ve never really gotten the point of it. Sure I like to dress up and put makeup on when there is a party. I like when people check me out and say I’m hot. Who doesn’t?

But an ordinary day when I see a person… If you ask me afterwards what the person was wearing, or even how his/her hair looked, I most often could not tell you. Because it is so unimportant to me. I care what people do and say.

Maybe I care if the person reeks, but that really is another issue.

Why can’t we just accept that people are very different, and some choses to have part of their hair red? Take the boss of any company today and send him back in time like a hundred years or so, and I bet he/she will get told that his appearance isn’t acceptable.

Should we make it a law to allways follow what is trendy? How stupid wouldn’t that be? Trends would never change then, would they? because noone would be able to brake them…

And anyways, can’t we look past appearances and judge people based on on what they do and say? Can’t we decide as a spieces that we have evolved beyond superficiality? Isn’t that the correct direction of evolution? If you do not think so, think about what that really means to you, and then try to tell me that you are not rasist!