Isn’t that what I am doing? And is it really so bad? Naeh! I live in the real world too! Sometimes…

Susanne Möller (the subject of my jealosy for the moment (after a sertain mr Wright)) is angry/laughing at the fact that ANOTHER virtual world is in the making, and you can buy a place to live(?) in it for 50 euro.

The whole thing sounds like Second Life. I didn’t understand the finer points to that one, but at least it was free to look into it.

When I read that Bert Karlsson had something to do with it, I just thought “Ah, it all makes sence now!”. Isn’t he the expert when it comes to taking something that someone allready did and try to make money on it too?

My question is, will this even be a thing? 50 euro for doing things you can allready do in real life, but in a virtual world that someone else owns and controls? There was a movie about that, I think. It was called the Matrix… =) only I think it was supposed to be a metaphore!

I just want to urge everyone not to pay these people for being so stupid!

I just watched the commercials on their website. There is a (stupid one) in english at the bottom of this page. In the first one, Bert is telling us that we can buy an apartment from him, and then sell it to someone else while making a profit. Hmmm… If I don’t want it, why would anyone else? And who would want to have a business meeting in a virtual world and worry about where the button for shaking someones hand is, when you can just set up a video conferens with your webcam and talk abuot real stuff instead! Or did they mean that I should have a job in that world instead of one in reality?

Bwah. The whole thing is a rippoff. But as I said the other day, as long as someone is willing to pay for something, no matter how stupid it is, someone else can make a profit. And if they can, why shouldn’t they?

They are just not getting MY money! I think there is better ways to spend time and money.