How come when you think about a problem it seems so much more work to solve it than it really is? That’s what it’s like for me when programming anyways.

The funniest thing is that my brain can’t tell the difference between what I have to do and what the computer has to do! So when I think I have to write code with a loop in it, my brain translates that into that I have to go through the loop myself. Many times. But I only have to write it! Once. And sometimes a lot of the functions is done already, and I only have to specify wich ones to use. Can be very quick. But my brain seems to think I have to not only write the functions, but also carry out the commands in them!

Is this some kind of well known fenomenon, or am I just a bit nuts?

Hmmm… do you even understand me? Because I barely understand me myself… =)

I’m going to get some downtime now… Just wanted to share my experiences. Nite nite!