I did a guestbook on my laptop yesterday. No, you can’t see it yet. It has serious flaws to it’s security and has not been uploaded to any kind of internets yet. I’ve been running it in wampserver and it works kind of nicely…

And that is thanks NOT to my book I’ve been using! Errr… or maybe it is. That book sure is great for explaining how things work, but when it comes to that extra little things that you want on your website, it just don’t tell you of them!

Security? What’s that now? Don’t you want to get hacked in various ways? Lucky for me, I have a security-obsessed boyfriend! =) *loves him*

But I want to write about a single word in my blog. It is a word unmentioned in my book. And the word is LIMIT. I want to write it here in case I forget…

It is used with SELECT in mysql-querys and is nifty for picking the posts you want and not all of them from a table. Like so:

SELECT * FROM table LIMIT 5,3;

This will pick post 5,6 and 7 from the table. So you can display only a bit of the information! =) Great for say… a guestbook! =)