I helped in the stable today. It’s this thing we all do, all the horseowners and pupils of the ridingschool gets to work in the stable two weekend days each semester. That way no expensive extra staff during the weekends is needed, and the money we pay to ride there can be a little lower. Besides, it’s fun! =)

I got a little dissapointed this thursday, because I wasn’t the one riding Talar. Jill was, and I had to be on the difficult Promessa! Yes, she is so difficult! Eh… no. The difficult thing with her is actually that it takes a little more concentration to ride her well, because she is so well behaved that if I mess up, it’s apparent it’s my fault. At least it is to me…

Anyway, when I got up insanely early to get to the stable today, I found that I was happy to get to see Talar! I think I’ve fallen in love with him or something… =)

The people I worked with today was particularly nice. And the nicest thing was that they were in no hurry, so we got to talking quite a lot. At one point we talked about Talar, and his weaving (he stands around in the box tilting his head in different directions over and over and over). We reached the conclusion that he might be feeling bored in the box.

Then later, I was at home resting (I got up insanely early, remember) and waiting to go back to feed the horses their evening meal. And I started thinking of my new favourite at the stable, and that noone seemed to have brushed him today. So I decided to go there a little early to brush him and cuddle. And I did!

Talar outside. Picture by Elin Johansson.

He is really a nice horse, though he thought it might be a good idea to eat my sweater! *giggle* We had a nice time together. He really enjoyed getting his head brushed. He even liked it when i put my hand over his eye to get rid of stray hairs…

I hope I do that again! I’m just not sure wich time is suitable normal days… I guess I will have to try and error or something! =)

But I’m not sure boredom is actually the reason for his behaviour. As we left for the night, he kind of reminded me of the boys at my school in Södertälje. The ones that some of us could tell was really insecure, but they tried to hide it in all sorts of ways. They had this behaviour where they wanted to be in one place, but they seemed to feel uneasy with standing there, so they where constantly shifting their support between their feet. Kind of like some animal in a cage… or a horse in a box that doesnt want to be there…

Anyways, whatever it is, getting Talars mind of it might help.