I like music. Sometimes I just hate the way it’s being handled by some artists in the world. And sometimes I can’t figure out WHY so many people love a song. The most hated song in my book ever must have been “Hej Monica”. That’s the entire lyrics (almost) and it is sung over and over again during the entire song. You know how you can get tired of a song if you hear it too many times? I got tired in the same way of this song before I heard all of it. GAH!

The reason I thought of writing this is because Isecore admitted he likes a commercial song. And although I don’t see myself as a music snob (like he apparently see himself), I think some have come to think I am.

I surprised Andreas by telling him I enjoy Britney Spears music. I do. But I am somewhat ashamed of it. However, I think the reason is different from what some people might think.

I don’t like to be drawn into obvious schemes made by any company to make money. Not when their goal is only to make money and not care about anything else. To do that they need their customers to think they need whatever product the company is producing and then buy it for more money than it is worth. I don’t like to be any part of this. I like it when companies try to be the best in the market by making the best product and get a lot of money as a side-effect. Fine line, I know, but it is clear to me. This is why I refused for a while to wear anything featuring a big “Adidas” or “Champion” text written all over it. Because everybody else did, and these companys sold sweatshirts for like 700SEK. That is ridiculus!

Hmmm… companys and money… where was I going with this? Right.

Sometimes, in their effort to just make money, the people making the just-make-money-songs actually does something good. And you know what makes a song likeable to me?

It’s fun! For me, music is many things, and one thing is entertainment. I have loved a lot of songs in the past just because there is a funny noise in the middle of it, or the singer does something funny with his voice. This is in no way a fail proof recipe to get me to like a song. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. But fun can also mean that when I hear the song it makes me want to dance or sing along. This is what I usually like about commercial songs that my principles tell me to dislike… And sometimes I just say “To hell with you boring principles! I want some fun!”.

Less frequent in commercial songs is songs that move me or get me relaxed, but I like music that does that too. Actually that happened a lot more often in commercial songs when I was younger. I wonder why… 😉

Anyway, the point was that I like when music is telling people of a feeling. You should feel something when you hear music. If you don’t feel anything, then change the tune! And it really doesn’t matter who made the music. What matters is why and how well the musicians feelings is distributed to you… =)