A while back I started to knit some small things for myself. I like making stuff, and if I can make clothes for myself that I love that noone else will have… Could there be anything better?

A shorter while back I started to think that this should be an activity to be done not alone, but together with others. It was my grandmother that taught me how to when I was like 5 or something years old, and she always got together with a bunch of ladies to “do their stuff”. =)

So I thought maybe my friends wanted to join me, and then I thought maybe we could start a group or something… Then Sofie (I think it was) told me that Henka’s mother went to a group and did stuff like this, and maybe we could tag along.

Nice, I thought. To meet up with others to sit and talk with while making my stuff. Exactly what I wanted!

But somewhere along all this was a missunderstanding. This was a specialized group. They where doing quilt-things. And me and my little knittingfriends didn’t really fit in.

I think we actually started a pretty serious discussion among them, because some of them didn’t realize how specialized they had become.

Now, I didn’t really mind. I didn’t want any fuzz. I just wanted to sit with some other people and chat and have coffee… But it had started. *scary*

Now there might be a new group starting that isn’t really defined yet. I called them and told them I was interested, ’cause I guess it’ll be whatever the people in it make of it… =)