I just saw Zeitgeist, and I don’t want to hear another argument about religion or 911 or terrorism or war from anyone that hasn’t seen this movie!

There is some facts that can not be overlooked in this film. For example; We heard from US government that they could not have imagined anyone using a commersial jet as a weapon before 911. Yet, they say that they could not intercept these planes, as there was lots of confusion because of the drill of THE EXACT SAME THING happening at THE SAME TIME!

Personally, I think there’s just too many questionmarks around the whole thing, and has been from the start.

And if you are not going to watch it for anything else, watch it because there is some very enlightening facts about religions in the beginning of it. That part should be shown at schools. I can hardly believe that I have actually been through so many years of having “religion” as one of my classes, and still didn’t know these simple facts!

Just go see it!

EDIT: Oh, oh! I just told you to see it! Remember that. I did NOT tell you to believe everything in it. I want you to think for yourself, even if that is pretty much what the movie tells you too… =) Some things in it, however, are undeniable. Other things you are welcome to debunk for me. Mind allready tried and failed. Are you better than him? 😉