There haven’t been updates here. At least not as many as I could have written. I think the reason is that I kind of forgot why I wanted this blog in the first place.

I’m trying to figure it out. Do I want it to report my politic views to the world? Or to tell you all what I’ve been doing? Or… what?

What do you want to read about?

I myself find it kind of irritating to read about someones entire days and no opinions at all. It doesn’t feel like you are getting to know the person that way…

Anyways, to tell you what HAS happened, our horsebackriding classes started again. I got to ride a new horse named Talar. He is so afraid of everything! He’s afraid we’re going to steal his food. He’s afraid of strange objects. And he seemed afraid that I was going to somehow hurt him with the thing you take out the poo with.

Kindness works. And I hope everyone can see that! Because not everyone could see that with La Stocka, and it made her so afraid! And a lot of people thought she was angry or stubborn or evil or… I don’t know. But they never tried to just be kind to her…

I’m kind of afraid that the same thing will happen with Talar. Because all I can see is a little boy (granted he is a very big horse) that is curious and still believes there are good people in the world, but also knows there are harshness. But he’s a big horse, and some people get very afraid when a horse that big puts his ears back.

I think He’s so cute. I hope everyone else can see that in him too!

Swedish link: foruminlägg om Talar på Jokkmokks Ridklubbs forum