I’ve spent most of the day searching for a cord for my camera. I took some adorable pictures of Zelda (our soon-to-be cat) last time we saw her, and I really wanted to share them.

But where was that cord again? Ofcourse you need that special kind of cord. It will only fit for Kodak’s camera (and I am not even sure they make the same cords for THEIR different cameras), and that camera will only work with this special cord. Stupido! Actually, it is kind of smart. If I loose my cord, I will have to buy a new one from THEM and noone else. But it’s not nice in my perspective.

Anyway, there was some rearranging in the house because of this. Have you ever seen a girl search for something? In my case it’s kind of scary. It’s a mix between making a mess, cleaning up, finding things I didn’t know I had lost and bothering my boyfriend. Afterwards, everything looks different, but I am not sure it’s for the better. Some things end up in a better place, and some things end up in an obscure place I’ll never think of looking the next time I need them. This is probably how I loose most things.

So where did I find this essential piece of [whatever word should be used here]? It was in the absolute first place I looked. Under the desk. But I am SURE it was NOT there when I looked the first time!

*sigh* Atleast I got to reframe that horse I drew, and move that cupboard (the real word for it elludes me right now) thingy I’ve been meaning to move for ages…