2 reaktioner till “Will Wright gör coola grejer”

  1. Will är ju lite Richard-Stallman-i-spel-världen ungefär, men det här var ju milt sagt coolt.

    Jag tycker väldigt mycket om Peter Molyneux (sp?) åsikter kring sina guda-spel. Hela det där att man kan välja själv hur man vill utveckla spelet.

  2. will wright, hi
    i like your new creation, its cool. Spore is very cool but its not ready to come out. when the player make a ufo and goes out in space and finds other worlds hmmm…then…why do the planets dont have a defense like satelites or something whit lasers and guns to protect itself from outerspace. its much cooler if the planets cud built defense to send out to space. And if you whant to fly to that world you need to first destroy the worlds space defense. Or if they are a kind rase the will simply let you pass by. isnt that a good idea mr.Whright!!! sorry for the language im just 9 years old i cant wright so well.

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