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Jag fick syn på min gamla bloggpost med en bild på en stackars varelse jag tänkte bygga när Spore kom ut. Så jag kände mig nödgad att skapa någonting liknande. Resultatet synes till vänster. Huvudet blev helt annorlunda. Som det kan gå!

Han kanske ska bo i ett sånt här hus när han blir civiliserad;


Per tipsade mig om ett nytt spel. Eller egentligen tipsade han om videon där någon brittisk snubbe testar spelet, för han har en underbar accent och är sådär WTF-skön, vilket makes sence eftersom hans serie verkar heta WTF is ?

Själva spelet verkar sådär avslappnande. Ni vet, man sätter sig och grindar i tre evigheter och får en känsla av att man uträttat någonting när man egentligen inte kommit någonstans. Utöver det har de lagt en massa grejs från Spore till spelet så att man kan ändra på sina hjältar med en Spore-liknande editor. Sedan låser man så klart upp hjältar ju mer man lyckas spela så att man antagligen fastnar i jag-ska-bara-spela-tills-jag-får-en-till-känslan. Beroendeframkallande, med andra ord.

Jag tyckte att jag hörde att det finns multiplayer också, så troligen kommer detta spel hamna i min hylla. Det verkar, precis som sägs genom videorna (kolla på dem, det är kul!) vara en Diablo-klon, och jag är lite svag för dem, även om jag inte är så bra på dem. Enligt den sköna britten har de tagit det som var bra med Spore (byggandet) och tagit bort allt annat, och gjort ett bra spel. Fast det verkar som att vi bara får sätta på saker på våra monster, inte bygga deras armar och ben och så vidare.


Här är en liten boll med knasiga varelser som jag byggde i Spore. Hoppas png-filen funkar så att denna går att tanka ner och använda i spelet. Ha så skoj!

Double star system

I found a binary star system! =) Just had to get onto a planet to look at the sky. Pretty cool…

Not feeling quite well, so I am staying at home resting. Back to work tomorrow!


My mood has been swinging… Yesterday it was ok, but I woke up miserable today.

I get cranky whenever a certain someone is drunk. He already lost any kind of argument with me in that state, because I can’t be bothered to explain things to him when he is like that. He can’t even press play on the DVD. It’s pathetic.

Also I get this crazy idea that I need to not eat so much. Not eating gets me depressed, and makes me want to eat even less. Then I stuff my face at dinner…

And I missed a certain other person. His phone was off yesterday and since I sent him a text telling him to call me, I didn’t want to call. I did in the end of course… and then we had one of those good talks. Now my mood is up again! =)

Been playing Spore all day. Thinking of getting WOW, actually. Mostly to see if I really would get stuck in it as I think I would… And also, it feels kind of strange not to get a game because of fear of liking it too much. Also, HE plays it… would that be pathetic? Neh! I do what I want! =)

I bought the salt and pepper shaker from here. Joy! =) If you don’t understand, go watch the Weebl and Bob toons on the same site. Start from the beginning and judge after you watched quite a few! They’re classic.

I also use the word ”also” too much…

Not sleeping again

Playing spore instead… =) In the worst possible manner! If you don’t put eyes on the creature, you don’t get to see much in the game…

Sometimes evolution takes a wrong turn...

Sometimes evolution takes a wrong turn...


I told you there was a patch coming out, Henka!

To play or not to play

I still really really want the game. Allthough I must say that the initial excitement has calmed quite a bit. It’s down to ”want” from ”have to”… And then there is this whole thing about Securom and needing an internet connection to be able to play. And the rumors that you will only be allowed three installs, and that you can use them up if you upgrade hardware and/or have a system crash etc.

Then there is the whole issue with ”if you are a paying costumer, we will treat you like a criminal, but if you are a pirate, we will ignore you since you are probably making commercial for our product”… At least that is the way I percieve things. You only hear about crappy DRM being put on discs that are being sold, but you never hear about the same company searching and punishing people downloading cracked versions of the same product.

Maybe that is because I live under a rock, as my mother call it. I don’t have TV in my home, so I have no idea about what commercials/shows are shown on there. But I do keep in touch with reality. I am not sure people with TV do.

Anyways. Everything about Securom screams to me not to buy any product with it on, but every fiber in my being tells me pirating Spore would be so horrible too. Since it is a really innovative game and I want more of that kind to be produced.

So here I stand. No idea what to do when the release date comes. One plan is to check forums and see if people are enjoying the game or dealing with securom and used up activations… But it doesn’t feel like a good plan.

Anyone have a good idea for a plan for me???

More fun with spore… =)


I am extremely tired. Have been going by car for 14 hours. But this was fun! =)


Gah. Stupid slow internet connection… I suppose I will have to wait for a while before using Spore Creature Creator. And also, I seem to need to upgrade. 2Ghz? So ka? Nandattebayo! I don’t have that!

Anyways, the free version can be downloaded from here.

Direct link

Spore videos

September 7:th 2008…

Will apparently be the day we can finally play spore. And we will ofcourse have been playing with the creature editor for some time by then.

This is the first official release date, if you don’t count the ones Will mentioned… ”Sometime this year” (2006) and so on.

I expect them to break this release date, but when they break it, it will be by weeks or perhaps months. Not years, as has been our experience so far. But with so many promises broken, it is hard not to expect this too to be broken. Whatever the reason may be (taxes?).

Will Wright shows Spore to NASA

Experiences from Spore

This made me happy:

NOTE: I am recovering all of this from a very brief and unclear memory. I’d guess that 20% of what I’m sputtering is at least slightly incorrect… but I know a lot of basics that weren’t clear before.

In addition, if you were wondering, my creature looked a bit like its crude counterpart below:

OH, and I never mentioned how FREAKING INCREDIBLE the procedural generation is. My creature dancing was like, the highlight of my whole Macworld. It kicked each pair of its legs outwards at different times and its tail spun around. The action is very dependent on the spine shape: ie, the mouth was on the spine, so it moved itself around. The babies are awesome. Walking… oh my god. My creature walked SO many different ways. When I told it to go to a spot behind itself, it began to walk sideways with two legs off the ground until it was facing the right direction. It knew the path of least resistance for every freaking action! The sumo was crazy too, it stomped its three legs on the side down, then the other three while scowling. The back leg kicked out when this happened. Sooo cool.

I was kind of thinking the other day, that the movements in the old Spore-videos wasn’t that good at all times. Legs would move like the code for moving was expecting only 2 legs and got upset that there were more of them. But above statement sure sounds good! =)

Spore is coming to mac too…

But I have no idea when this is going to happen. Except it will happen at the same time as the game comes to PC… whenever that is! There is talk about march 1:st, but that’s just the zillionth date I’ve heard, so I’ll believe it when the game goes gold.

New Spore video

I got news of a new spore video. It’s a short interview with Will Wright, and it really does sound like the game is going to come out this spring. Wee! =) And also it contains some new gameplay. At least it’s new to me. I’m most fascinated by what appears to be a humungos creature… Enjoy!

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More drawings

I’m sorry for not having any words lately. There just seems to be very little to say.

I found the last ingredience to make juice (syrup?) out of the leaves of our back currant bushes today… So in 3 days we will have something to drink! =) I suspect it will mix very well with alcohol, but I bet it will taste divine without it. The mix standing around in my fridge now smells very nice! =)

Weird substances used for jam-making and such can not be found around the same place you find flour in the store. It’s by the spices. Remember that till next time, Vidde!


The new trailer for Spore:

A lot of news today… I’m happy! =) But I would like another video. Allways… =) Because videos gives me the chance to look for what I’m interested in and dream about actually playing the game.

Also, I would like to know when they are going to release the creature editor. I think I read somewhere they would release that ahead of the game. I want it! =)

EDIT: I would also like to hear some ingame music. I got really excited about it when I heard about him doing the music to the game and of course how he was planning on doing it. So… let me hear it! =) But ofcourse, everyone is busy looking at the game.

Spore at E3 2007

Can be viewed here in better resolution, but their embed-thing doesn’t seem to work…

Will it be out soon? Will Wright said late this year, and I am choosing to believe that. No matter what evil rumors get around the net…

THIS is what I want for christmas! …but I want it as soon as it comes out, so it’ll have to be an early present, ok? =)

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