Threelegged blag

Postad 12 februari, 2012

Jag fick syn pÄ min gamla bloggpost med en bild pÄ en stackars varelse jag tÀnkte bygga nÀr Spore kom ut. SÄ jag kÀnde mig nödgad att [...]



Postad 15 mars, 2011

Per tipsade mig om ett nytt spel. Eller egentligen tipsade han om videon dÀr nÄgon brittisk snubbe testar spelet, för han har en [...]


Postad 3 juli, 2010

HÀr Àr en liten boll med knasiga varelser som jag byggde i Spore. Hoppas png-filen funkar sÄ att denna gÄr att tanka ner och anvÀnda i [...]

Double star system

Postad 18 november, 2008

I found a binary star system! =) Just had to get onto a planet to look at the sky. Pretty cool… Not feeling quite well, so I am [...]



Postad 16 november, 2008

My mood has been swinging… Yesterday it was ok, but I woke up miserable today. I get cranky whenever a certain someone is drunk. [...]

Not sleeping again

Postad 13 november, 2008

Playing spore instead… =) In the worst possible manner! If you don’t put eyes on the creature, you don’t get to see [...]


Postad 19 september, 2008

I told you there was a patch coming out, Henka!I told you there was a patch coming out, Henka!

To play or not to play

Postad 18 juli, 2008

I still really really want the game. Allthough I must say that the initial excitement has calmed quite a bit. It’s down to [...]

More fun with spore… =)

Postad 22 juni, 2008

ur min egen synvinkel


Postad 18 juni, 2008

I am extremely tired. Have been going by car for 14 hours. But this was fun! =) I am extremely tired. Have been going by car for 14 [...]


Postad 17 juni, 2008

Gah. Stupid slow internet connection… I suppose I will have to wait for a while before using Spore Creature Creator. And also, I [...]

Spore videos

Postad 23 maj, 2008

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September 7:th 2008…

Postad 14 februari, 2008

Will apparently be the day we can finally play spore. And we will ofcourse have been playing with the creature editor for some time by [...]

Will Wright shows Spore to NASA

Postad 10 februari, 2008

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Experiences from Spore

Postad 17 januari, 2008

This made me happy: NOTE: I am recovering all of this from a very brief and unclear memory. I’d guess that 20% of what I’m [...]

Spore is coming to mac too…

Postad 17 januari, 2008

But I have no idea when this is going to happen. Except it will happen at the same time as the game comes to PC… whenever that [...]

New Spore video

Postad 16 september, 2007

I got news of a new spore video. It’s a short interview with Will Wright, and it really does sound like the game is going to come [...]

More drawings

Postad 26 augusti, 2007

I’m sorry for not having any words lately. There just seems to be very little to say. I found the last ingredience to make juice [...]


Postad 23 augusti, 2007

The new trailer for Spore: A lot of news today… I’m happy! =) But I would like another video. Allways… =) Because [...]

Spore at E3 2007

Postad 11 juli, 2007

Can be viewed here in better resolution, but their embed-thing doesn’t seem to work… Will it be out soon? Will Wright said [...]