Daily Archives: 2008-11-05

Look out, Jokkmokk! ;)

…because I will be spending new years with you! I miss you all so much. New years seemed to be a perfect time to come and visit!

Building blox

I am trying to piece my new computer together. It seems to take a while. I think it’s because I am actually sick, and my brain is not really working.

I will do it myself! But I just had to realize this is not a project that will take me an hour. It will take me like a day… Or an hour when I am well.

And then it is off to the joy of installing… =)

In other news, julén.se now is an alias to vidde.org


I was supposed to sleep, but instead I decided to write a widget for this blog to display the top 5 songs downloaded from vidde.org.

I WILL NOT figure out how to make this excellent widget available to you guys tonight. That will be tomorrow. (even if I gave you the file, it would not work since I use the existing connection to mysql on this blog (that is conveniently in the same db))

I followed this easy tutorial to make it. It was speedily done, and I hope I can sleep now!

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