Me want?

Loopia is having an autumn competition where you can win an eeePC. I am not interested. Or am I?

When I first saw this little thing that my friend Sara bought, I thought it was awesome! And I wanted one! … for like a minute.

Then I realized that I didn’t have any use for such a thing. I need a laptop for programming, mostly. And this just wasn’t the thing for me, since it seemed to be customized for using to browse the web and such.

But when you look at the picture in this post, doesn’t it call to you? ”I want to live in your pocket”, it says. ”I promise to be cute and cool and you can carry me around…”

Nah, I am probably just jealous of Fredrik. He’s got so many computers at work (it is his desk on the picture)! I have only got one… But I have three computers in my room right now! =) And one more is one the way. *goes to check the mail*

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2 reaktioner på ”Me want?”

  1. The eeePC is a very neat little device. I had the pleasure of playing with one a while back (and then sadly lobotomize it with Windows XP rather than the default OS it ships with)

    It’s a perfect computer for people who want to surf the web, read email, chat, use skype and who can accept that it has a tiny keyboard. If you want a serious computer it’s probably not the best choice, but it’s surprisingly versatile and both powerful (for it’s size and specs) and very userfriendly. I suggested to my mother to get one for herself.


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