I want one!

Came home, turned my computer on, and there it was. Some kind uf cup made out of silicon to use instead of everything else when on a period.

It seems kind of gross, but then again everything about having your period is! Everytime. With this, at least there is some money saved since you can use the same one for 10 years. Plus it is environmental and stuff. You even get less risk of fungus and other unpleasant stuff. I googled it and ordered it right away. If it works, then fine. If not, not much money lost.

Johanna Nylander also likes this invention.

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8 reaktioner på ”I want one!”

  1. Two things that hits me first, is it really tight? I mean it isn’t a good thing and kinda pointless if it is leaking. Second, is there different sizes to it? I mean not every girl is the same…

    Oh and ten years? heh, bet ya broke it before then 😛

  2. Ofcourse there are different sizes! I asked Micke wich size I was, since he has more to compare with than I have… =) The site I ordered from has some kind of policy that you can change size too if you start out with the most pooular one.

    If it’s tight… Well that is yet to be tested by me! =)

    But I bet I will lose it way before it breaks.

  3. Hey, I am an enthusiastic user of the Diva cup (which i think is the most common name/brand) and i can assure you that it does not leak, at least not if you don’t suffer from heavy bleadings, and if you are careful to put it in right. The article does not really reflect how fantastic this product is – you do not get more blood on your hands or your body than using for example tampons or pads (bindor) when using the cup. And the cup does not cause as many bacteria as tampons and pads do. I can assure you that this is the best buy you will do this year if not for the next ten to come!

  4. My girlfriend, soon to be wife :), has been using it for more than two years. she says it’s much better than all other alternatives. Andyes, It’s tight and works perfectly. she just ordered one to a Tanzanian friend that spends loads of money on bad quality tampons… and I didn’t mention the environment yet. I won’t either, pretty obvious

  5. I have used one for almost a year and I am extremely content with it. If it is not tight it is probably of the wrong size or you put it too far in.

    For most people it takes a few months before you get complete hang of how to put it in and how to remove it perfectly.

  6. Tigger: Well it was hard to get any info out of him. Didn’t want to compare girlfriends I guess… =)

    All others: This is the first time in ages that I actually look forward to getting my period so I can test this thing! How wonderful it will be if I never have to buy stupid pads again… =)


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